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Coaching football has never been more complex

The modern-day coach has a wide range of physiological, psychological, tactical and technical expectations to deliver upon. Players and coaches now have a number of apps, software and other sources of information which further complicate a game often labelled as simple. It can easily become overwhelming, and hard to know where to start when it comes to building a successful soccer coaching process.

We use the knowledge and experience of professional coaches and analysts to help coaches to implement modern technology and practices into their coaching process.

CoachTech’s team is made up of scouts and analysts working in professional clubs. We have built a series of online analysis and scouting courses alongside a webinar series, designed to work with coaches, technical directors and coach educators to better understand how video and data analysis can help them to build and implement their playing philosophy.

Our bespoke consultancy services work with clubs and coaches on an individual basis, tailoring our advice and solutions to best fit the realities of each situation. From professional clubs down to amateur youth clubs, CoachTech’s vast experience of modern-day coaching processes means we can find the right answers for each club’s vision.


As the modern game is evolving, so must the people who coach it’s players. As we progress up the footballing pyramid, so must our methods in order to deliver the best possible education to our players. 

From advice on available software, to building a modern day coaching process incorporating video and data, we can help you and your players. Often we will have examples of how certain techniques or practices have been implemented at the professional level.

Our coach education focuses on having an evidence-based approach to session design and post game feedback for your players. There is simply too much information available in modern-day soccer to rely on old fashioned ‘gut instinct’.

Technical directors

As the leader of a club, how do you know that your coaches teams are working towards your playing philosophy?

As a technical director, it’s important to ensure your teams and coaches are moving towards your shared goals.  CoachTech offers coaching education courses and club-wide consultancy plans to help you develop and implement a detail-oriented, proactive coaching culture within your club.

Multiple studies have proven that accurate post-game recall from memory is less than 40% in elite coaches. Professional clubs all over the World employ a team of analysts to fill the gaps between memory and fact, using data and video. If you would like a similar system implemented at your club, we will work with you to build a solution to fit your resources.

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