About CoachTech

CoachTech was created to help coaches and clubs apply techniques used in the professional game to help develop their own players and teams.

Now consisting of a number of professional coaches, analysts and scouts, CoachTech was originally founded by Oliver Gage, who has worked for English Championship club Sheffield Wednesday, the University of Virginia, Houston Dynamo and the Canadian Premier League.

Focusing on player and coach education, CoachTech works with clubs and coaches to develop solutions and design processes which best suit each team’s individual needs. Ranging from full evaluations of coaching methodology, aiding teams in locating and employing analysts, to online education, CoachTech have a number of success stories across amateur, youth, semi-professional, college and professional soccer.

CoachTech has provided services to English Premier League analysis departments, the Tampa Bay Rowdies, Florida State Women’s Soccer, Louisville, Gannon University, Portland Timbers, Canada Soccer and over 200 more individual coaches or clubs. Alongside smaller scale education, CoachTech has presented as the United Soccer Coaches convention, and consults to conferences, leagues and governing bodies en masse to provide modern-day education, which is often missing at the federation level.

Oliver outlined the purpose of launching CoachTech here: https://www.coachtechsoccer.com/welcome-to-coachtech/