Analyst Finder

Better staff produce better players

Analyst Finder

Are you looking for a well qualified and competent member of staff to join your team? Do you need somebody with greater knowledge of video and data to improve performances and player development?

At CoachTech we are lucky to have a network of experienced professional analysts with extensive links to the Performance Analysis industry. Our Analyst Finder scheme is simple and effective.

  1. Get in touch with us and begin the process of putting together a job description. We will work with you on this informally and even produce one ourselves based on our conversation if you would prefer.
  2. We send out the role through our network of contacts and gather information on interested analysts.
  3. We will evaluate all interested candidates and pass on the top prospects, before giving our own recommendation and discussing the pro’s and con’s of each interested analyst.
  4. Speak with prospects, come to an agreement and hire your analyst.

If you don’t have the capability to hire a full time member of staff, keep in mind that many analysts can work remotely and have done successfully before. A perfect example may be a college coach finding an analyst to help during the hectic fall season.

CoachTech has already placed analysts at MLS clubs, US Soccer Development Academies & NCAA Division 1 schools (Graduate Assistant positions) and semi-professional clubs in the UK.

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