Position Summary

The Baylor University Women’s Soccer team are looking for a remote Performance Analyst.

This will be a paid position, and compensation will be directly tied to the time & workload committed to the team. The project is expected to span throughout 2022, and will begin with an analysis of previous Baylor games in order to fine tune the feedback process with coaching staff. The analyst will then work for the spring season consisting of 5 friendly matches, followed by the main competitive season in the fall/autumn consisting of 20-25 games.

The position is available thanks to Head Coach Michelle Lenard’s commitment to implementing an objective pre and post-game analysis process and as such, the successful analyst will have already completed or will receive free access to CoachTech’s courses in Opposition Analysis and Modern Attacking Play.

The analyst will also receive feedback, advice & regular interaction with CoachTech analysts, who can help support them through this endeavor.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Use of Instat data to provide detailed opposition reports prior to games with supporting video to contextualize analytical insights
  • Regular communication with Baylor coaching staff regarding opposition analysis reports
  • Formulating and building a post-game analysis process tied to team-specific KPI’s
  • Benchmark reporting after game blocks and trend tracking for both team and individual performances to offer objective insights to coaching staff
  • Ability to clearly communicate with coaching staff and provide reports consistently on time prior to each fixture
  • Previous experience working with data in a football context, and a track record of providing insights to coaching staff is desired.



Please send applications to info@coachtechsoccer.com with the subject line *your name* Baylor Performance Analyst Application
No formal application guidelines will be given, please use this opportunity to showcase your previous work and ability to fulfill this role successfully.
Closing date for applications is Friday February 18th.