CoachTech is excited to announce the launch of ‘Modern Attacking Play’.

This program offers a step by step guide to breaking down the very best attacking play in the English Premier League, and shows why teams like Liverpool & Man City score more goals than the rest. Investigating elite level goal scorers like Jamie Vardy, Sergio Aguero and Harry Kane, the program is designed to educate and inform users exactly what these players and teams do differently to others.

“The program was originally planned for summer 2020, but due to the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, we saw the need to push this a little faster and invest some more resources into this over the last few weeks. I see this program as a logical next step for CoachTech, as the hunger for a better understanding of this side of the game is growing. Social media these days is flooded with coaches and analysts looking to learn new concepts, so hopefully this can bring some to them.


We gathered feedback from existing CoachTech consultancy clients, and some who had taken our Evidence Based Coaching & Match Analysis course, and this was by far the most consistent message we heard. I’d like to thank everybody who contributed to this project, and who went the extra mile over the last couple weeks to get this over the line ahead of schedule”


Oliver Gage – Founder of CoachTech

Using this information, session design, player and team feedback, individual coaching and playing philosophies can be altered to better represent how goals are scored in real life. Attacking players can be molded to the modern game, resulting in more goals more often.

To check out a more detailed description of the program, and experience two of the 13 modules free of charge, please visit our courses page here. It’s recommended you access these modules via laptop, but a tablet or phone will work if you’d prefer.