Better processes produce better results

CoachTech Consultancy

CoachTech’s professional analysts work with individual coaches or coaching teams, to provide a full review of their coaching processes when using video and data, followed by best practice advice.

Once an agreement is reached based on the size of your club (or individual team) you will speak with analysts from CoachTech who are working with, or have worked with professional clubs. Consultancy will consist of an in depth interview investigating your use video and data in the coaching process in order to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, before presenting a full report, highlighting areas to adjust and improve. CoachTech will also provide links to necessary software, video or data providers, helping you to push forward quickly and easily.

Consultancy service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Initial interview discussing current processes in place
  • Free access to CoachTech’s education courses (1) and discounted rates for additional course access for staff
  • Evaluation and discussion between CoachTech’s professional analysts
  • Follow up report designed to highlight strengths and weaknesses of current processes
  • Recommendations for improvements and adjustments to based on report content
  • Links and introduction to new technology and service providers based on needs highlighted in report
  • Follow up discussions regarding implementation of new processes

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