CoachTech is looking for a Content Manager as part of a new project expected to launch within the next 4-6 weeks.


The Content Manager will have a good understanding of football analysis with the ability to differentiate between what’s interesting and what’s useful for coaches and analysts. Please note this role requires an understanding of tactical/video analysis as well as data analytics, but does not necessarily need to be an expert in either field.

While the Content Manager may at times write content, there will be an aspect of facilitation whereby they interview or facilitate industry experts, professional coaches and analysts to write for themselves. Introductions to these industry leaders will be facilitated by CoachTech.

In conjunction with CoachTech the Content Manager will:

  • Build a content calendar to plan regular blog posts & webinars throughout the year
  • Regularly manage and add content according to calendar
  • Manage email communication (newsletters)
  • Manage and moderate an online community feature (likely chat room/forum)
  • Potentially manage social media

The Content Manager will be allowed a significant amount of autonomy to brainstorm, create and build messaging in line with a modern football analysis & coaching brand.


Is this position paid? Yes. Pay will be dependent on experience and previous examples of ability to fulfill the role outlined above.

How many hours a week is it likely to require? We are looking for your guidance on this, and a body of the work will be required up front to build the content calendar. Afterwards, the implementation should see a drop off in time commitment.

Can this turn into something bigger? Yes! If the project grows as expected then this will turn into a full-time position.

How do I apply? Please send examples of previous work demonstrating the ability to deliver value for coaches and analysts to with the subject line *your name* Content Manager Position. Demonstrating an ability to organically grow an audience in this field will also be valuable.