Personal Programs

Professional focus on improving your game


Individual focus on your own game with a professional player analyst


Do you want to work with a professional player analyst who has worked with top players in Europe and North America?

CoachTech’s individual player consultancy brings professional scouts & player analysts to you. If you want to take it a step further  than our position-specific courses, and receive a personally tailored service, we can work one-on-one with you to improve your game.

Do you know what N’Golo Kanté does differently to most holding midfielders, and what makes him one of the best in the game? We do, and we can help you shape your game this way, focusing on the important actions, rather then the noise.

Want to create chances like Kevin De Bruyne? Let us help you to understand what types of ppasses you should be attempting, how often and where from. By educating players on key areas of their game, using evidence from world class players, we can help you to take your game to the next level.


In 2017, Houston Dynamo signed Honduran winger, Alberth Elis. Known for his lightening pace, Elis scored 10 goals with 4 assists in his first season. In 2018, using the same techniques as our position-specific courses, CoachTech founder Oliver Gage began working with Alberth and the Houston Dynamo staff to improve key areas of his game. Alberth improved to score 11 goals and create 10 assists the following season and was named in the MLS All-Star team.

The same principles of attacking play can be used at any level to help players to become more dangerous. Using statistics and data from across the World, we can discover what makes world-class players stand out from the rest, and help others to shape their game this way.


Who is this service for?

  • Although there are no age restrictions, CoachTech’s methods work best with players aged 15+ playing 11 v 11
  • Youth players trying to improve to get a college scholarship or join a professional academy team.
  • Professional players who want to earn a better contract, bonus money, or a move to a bigger club.
  • College players (North America) hoping to become one of the nation’s best and enter the professional draft.
  • Players who have taken CoachTech’s position-specific courses and want to take it to the next level.

How does it work?

The service will begin with a video call or phone consultation to find out more about you as a player. Once we have a better understanding of your ability and aspirations we can begin to build a personalised plan to work on key areas of your game. If your games are filmed this will help us evaluate you better, but this isn’t essential. We will help to educate you on key tactical areas of focus and help to shape your game based on the World’s best. We, of course, cannot guarantee that you will become one of the World’s top players, or even a professional player, but we can guarantee that you will receive a professional level of service and attention to detail on the tactical side of your game, giving you a much better chance to become a great player!

How much does it cost?

Personal programs start at $500. This will give you access to a position-specific course to improve your base knowledge of the concepts we will discuss with you. Next we will conduct our consultation call and video review (if video is available) followed by working with you on an action plan to improve your game and setting you some key targets to aspire to. Prices will increase following this based on the frequency and depth of advice and analysis you wish to  receive.

I’m interested in this, what next?

Fill out the form below to get in touch with us about this service, and we can begin to change your game.