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Evidence-Based Coaching Review

For the price this course is easily more than worth it. Even with many years of different coaching experiences at multiple levels I feel as I have improved as a coach after completing this course. The evidence-based approach is very eye opening and has helped me get many wheels turning in my mind about coaching. I feel I will be more efficient at planning out sessions and season long goals. This course has helped me see the game from many other perspectives and has helped ignite more fires withing myself to continue improving my coaching education. Would recommend for any coach.

Excellent Course!

This is a fantastic course that provides real insight into how to create and implement an effective analysis program into place no matter the level, resources or budget you are involved with. 10/10 recommend!

Joseph Hickman
Evidence-Based Coaching Review

Incredible course. Packed with tons of details, information, articles from top clubs and organizations, and given to you in a way where you can take and adapt into your own coaching philosophy. Highly recommend for any coach looking to improve in the finer details. Definitely a bargain at the price offered.

Dejan Kopasić
Excellent! Very useful for every performance analyst!

Thank you for all your knowledge and all the best!

Kind regards, KopaD

Jesse Suarez-Castro
Excellent! Unlike Any Course I Have Taken!

I want to extend my appreciation for CoachTech. Their motto is accurate, they definitely provide modern resources for modern coaches. This course exposed me to material regarding evidence-based coaching and data analysis that I have only heard of. It definitely exposed weaknesses in my understanding of the subject and how I currently conduct my analysis and interpret data. I am confident that the knowledge I have acquired through this course will allow me to use objective data to enhance decision making and also help provide my players with accurate information that they can use to improve. It's been a pleasure and I am looking forward to taking the next two courses soon!

Modern Attacking Play Review

Top notch, very insightful into the modern attacking concepts and some critical metrics to incorporate into your playing style and game model.

Joao Paulo Valadares
Very useful

Great course. Enlightening in a few areas that are often overlooked.

Iain Milligan
Evidence Based Coaching Course

I have completed numerous online courses over the years e.g., League Managers Association (LMA)/Sports Path, The Professional Football Scouting Association (PFSA), The FA Online & Scottish Football Association (SFA). However, Coachtech's Evidence Based Coaching Course is been the best learning experience of them all. The reason for this is simply the production of the evidence-based coaching plan has become a working document for my analysis/coaching process moving forward. I really liked the reflective nature of this course.

Evidence-Based Coaching & Match Analysis.

I personally found the course has some great info to offer. As a x pro player and as a soccer educator there is some great info that I can apply and will apply as a coach

Antonio Chimienti
Set pieces

I found it very interesting under all points of view.
All coaches should approach with this argument.