Evidence-Based Coaching & Match Analysis

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18 reviews for Evidence-Based Coaching & Match Analysis

  1. brittdavila

    Took this course after watching a webinar with Gary Curneen, who recommended it. Really good course which helped me to build a playing philosophy for my team and then taught me how to analyze and measure it after games

  2. Clayton Schmitt

    This was a great course and helped me re-evaluate my team’s philosophy, as well as introduce methods for successfully tracking KPI’s through the video analysis tools that we use. Thanks!

  3. Devrup Jyoti Gupta

    Very good course which helps the coaches with an objective outlook and also has very fine interviews and explanations from people in the industry.

  4. Neil Brown

    The Analyst de provocateur if you will… I go forward in disagreement (at least partially), which is both healthy and where I want such courses to take me.

    I didn’t want to sign-up here and have my thoughts about setting teams up validated, but instead challenged!

    This course should force you to rethink/think deeper about how and why you set-up your teams the way you do. Provoking change(s) or robust justification.

  5. FSU Coach

    Really good course. I’m a head coach at a D1 college program and this really helped us to organize our analysis so we had a clear idea of what we wanted to do. Now we’ve added some ideas from this we have saved loads of time and provide better information to our players.

  6. Matt Dorman

    Enjoyed the course and its progressive nature. I really liked that it was tailored to your own environment and your own players. An actual resource is developed by the end of the course that you can put into action. It is difficult to analyze ‘if’ what you are doing in training is translating to the game beyond W/Ls. This course develops an objective way to accomplish this. Thanks, Matt Dorman.

  7. Daniel Dubois

    Really enjoyed and took a lot away from this course. It has helped me start to identify for myself what the key data points I need to concern myself with so I can be more efficient and effective with my program. There is a ton of talk in the sporting world now about analytics and how to best utilize data but this course is designed for each of us to mine the data we want and need to see for each of our unique situations. Looking forward to putting in to practice!

  8. Leigh Veidman

    Excellent course! It makes you think deeply about your current processes & how to develop them through the use of building your game model, identifying how data connects with your game model, and breaking that down for your team/positions/individuals through the use of KPI’s which directly connect to your team goals. Would highly recommend!!!

  9. Doug Williams

    This is an excellent course. It provided me with a framework to use data to help improve my teams performance. I plan to implement a lot of the information from this course next season and have already begun using some of this information in analyzing recruiting videos. I highly recommend this course.

  10. Mark Beighton

    Wonderful course. In my role as an U13 coach it’s a bit less relevant as the Evidence Based Coaching one I took previously, but still some good things I could take away. The tasks using data to profile players and teams were great.

  11. Adam Davidson

    The course itself progresses logically, so you never feel swamped by the new concepts or ideas. It strikes a perfect balance between giving you the information you need, and making you work for a more concrete understanding. Guided tasks are used to great effect throughout the course, and by the end of it you have something tangible – a document that outlines your journey as you’ve progressed through the course material to arrive at a refined playing philosophy. Highly recommend this course, and Modern Attacking Play.

  12. Bryan Forbes

    Great course! I’ve done a few of similar things over the past few months but Im really excited about bringing this one to my team & involving them in the processes. I think this one will really make them think about their game. It’s a great tool for any coach! Thanks.

  13. Linda Boss

    Signed up after watching a webinar about implementing a playing philosophy to help my team. Course was brilliant and really helped me to realize how we can go a step further thinking about our performances. Videos from professional analysts were amazing!

  14. Dean Callahan

    Loved the way you build a plan for your team as you go through so at the end you have everything you need.

  15. Giles Taylor

    Miles better than analysis sections of regular coaching courses. Might as well just provide something like this and make them shorter!

  16. Mark Burton

    Definitely worth the money! I used the COVID-19 break to catch up on some education and this was by far the best course I’ve taken. It takes you through the process of designing a system of play then teaches you how to measure it, how to use it in training and how to use it to talk to your players. There’s loads of interviews with coaches and professional analysts along the way. Overall I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done in terms of impacting how I’m going to use this with my U18 team. All you really need is a video camera and even if you don’t have that the course teaches you how loads of stuff can be done without one. definitely recommend

  17. Alex Robson

    Being provided the framework document that you can use to build your own plan was really useful. I loved the way you learn as you go through the course but also take away a plan for your team at the end of it. Really good course well worth taking

  18. David

    Top quality. I’m an academy coach at a Championship club in England and I’ll be asking my analyst and some other academy staff to take this course. Great work.

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