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23 reviews for Modern Attacking Play

  1. Alan Goggs

    I had heard good things about the coach tech courses from the UEFA B group, delighted that I decided to sign up. Modern attacking play has great content, backed up with good evidence and video highlights, it will give you a good insight to top strikers and their decision making on and off the ball. I hope you enjoy the course.

  2. Alexander Rathke

    If you are looking to enhance your understanding on how to improve your team’s attacking strategy then this course is for you. It runs through which ‘metrics’ in professional football are important to understand and how they are helping a player or team create and score from better opportunities.

  3. brittdavila

    Signed up for this course after completing the evidence based coaching one. It was really good to help me build some clear ideas about attacking and gave me loads of video examples to use with my girls U16 team. Definitely recommend.

  4. Billy Colton

    Highly Recommend this course. It uses data and statistics that can’t be argued with to prove the points within the course. It not only talks about where goals are scored from but also where the assists come from. Will definitely be implementing some of these ideas into my coaching and my teams build up play.

  5. FSU Coach

    Really good course to help clearly identify what top teams and players are doing in attack. Video examples are really powerful. After taking it, I decided to put my assistant coaches through it and then had some attacking players sign up too. Taken 2 courses through this site and both have been excellent. When I forgot my password they also helped with this and since then we have emailed them about consulting to improve our college program. CoachTech have been great.

  6. Chris Taylor

    Very detailed course. The videos show the evidence very well and give you a very clear look at what makes a successful team. I will be showing some of this course to our team to illustrate to them how it works and I will also be trying to create my own videos based on our previous play. Brilliant.

  7. Jeff P

    I bought the course to get some new attacking ideas for my U18 travel tea. I thought the info was well delivered and the videos helped to show examples of what was being talked about. I’m going to ask a couple of my players to take it too. 4 stars because I had trouble signing up through PayPal but it turns out my credit card was out of date so they fixed that after I emailed

  8. Paul Naylor

    Brilliant course. Will be recommending to other coaches for sure.

  9. Coach Steve

    I signed up after a recommendation from a friend. I thought the course was really informative and the video examples of Premier League games and players were excellent. Easy to understand and lots to take away

  10. Chris Newett

    This course really helped me to organise my thoughts and introduce some new ideas to the way I coach my team in attack. Well worth the money

  11. Keith Monroe

    This course superb. Simple to understand & given me some great ideas to use in some future training sessions.

  12. Gary Barnes

    Was tempted to sign up for this after watching one of the webinars which mentioned it. It’s the first one I’ve ever bought online but it won’t be the last. I thought it was excellent & the simplicity of the message and the content made it very easy to follow & understand. I particularly love the video clips with the highlighted players & arrows showing options. Again, simple but highly effective. I can thoroughly recommend it and will be getting a couple more in time. Great stuff guys.

  13. Alex Francis

    Hi there. It’s the best online course I’ve taken so far! I can’t wait to share with my squad when we can get together again. My head is now buzzing with ideas!
    Lockdown hasn’t been so bad after all now! Cheers.

  14. Ryan Martin

    Really enjoyed the course! Would love this to continue and look into other leagues and if have similar results in when and how goals are scored. Over all enjoyed it and liked the link with decision making vs productivity of Crystal Palace!

  15. Coach Steve Brown MSU

    10/10 long enough to get all the important points across and short enough for it to be completed in a few hours. Huge lessons learned I’ll be thinking about when planning sessions

  16. Dave Mills

    Brilliant resource for coaches – would recommend for sure and worth the money

  17. Will Porter

    Very good. Easy to understand and loads of lessons to take away for my players

  18. Daniel Burns

    Looking at the two Crystal palace players was fascinating and just shows what a huge difference decision making has to play in the game. The course flows logically and helps you to understand exactly what parts of the game are more important than others. Would definitely recommend

  19. Mike Crossley

    I signed up to earn more about how to organise my U18 team and be more dangerous. I thought there were some really good video examples to support the information provided. Clear and easy to understand. Would definitely recommend to others.

  20. Ken Cancilla

    One of the best resources out there for coaches. The video examples are really good to help you understand the concepts. I have contacted the company about doing a presentation to my team about all of this as I think even my players would benefit from learning all this stuff at an early age. When you see the information through shot maps and graphs and then it shows you a video example right after it’s really powerful! 10/10

  21. Doug Williams

    This course is an excellent introduction to the Evidence Based Coaching model presented by CoachTech. I would encourage anyone who is interested to also enroll in the Evidence Based Coaching course. In that course coaches are challenged to develop their coaching methods and strategy based video and statistical evidence. Really glad that I enrolled on these courses.

  22. Blair Quinn

    Effective, simple, informative. Really great information delivered in a manner that is easy to comprehend and incredibly relevant to today’s game. Go at your own pace is critical for the busy schedules and crazy hours coaches have as well. Looking forward to the next 2 courses.

  23. Trisikh Sanguanbun

    This is a one-stop shop and super simplified way to understand what the elite attacking players today are doing. The game is always evolving and CoachTech helps us educate our players on the right mindset.

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