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Excellent Course

I really enjoyed this course and have found the course to be well organized and relevant to the expectations in the world of opposition scouting. This course played a huge role in helping me gain a role as a opposition scout for a professional academy in the United States.

Dejan Kopasić
Excellent! Very useful for every performance analyst!

Excellent! Very useful for every performance analyst!
Thank you for all your knowledge and all the best!

Kind regards, KopaD

For anyone who wants to understand what they're seeing on the pitch

This is a superb course and highly enjoyable. The modules to teach you everything you need to know about opposition scouting and analysis, breaking it down into the relevant topics. I'm not a coach, or involved in football. I took this course as a fan really, in a bid to understand more about what I was seeing on the pitch when I watched a game (rather than just following the ball and counting goals). It's completely transformed my understanding of football. Suddenly the score, or the quality of the players is less important to me than trying to understand how each manager set out to play. This course is perfect for anyone in a similar situation -- a fan looking to understand more. And then who knows.
Thanks to everyone involved putting it together.

Rodrigo Carvalho
The best in the market

As an introductory course for opposition analysis, all I have to say is that this is the best practical course I have seen in the past years. I've completed a good amount of courses in the past, but none of them makes you think, work and put in practice like this one. All the insights, videos and examples show that analysis can be done at any level. It was a guided development that I am very happy about.

Joseph Hickman

Structured, helpful, informative, detailed. Enjoyed working this course and took some good things from this. Would recommend to those on the fence. I was too, but I am very happy with the course.

J Cardinale

Thorough, informative while easily digestible. Worth every penny!

Emil Kot

Thanks for all. It was a great course. Easy to progress through. Really helpful videos from coaching staff. The tasks on data analysis were very, very interesting. Highly recommended!

Heather Jenkins

Worth the money for sure. Highly recommend

Harry Traherne

Just submitted my final report. Really good course that flows well and gives you everything you need to provide a report. Really like how it uses exmaples of other reports from professional clubs to show how they do things.

Jesus Ortiz

The course is very good and helped me to become more organized when looking at other teams. The tasks using the data spreadsheets to show how professional teams do this were interesting.