Opposition Scouting & Analysis

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14 reviews for Opposition Scouting & Analysis

  1. Devrup Jyoti Gupta

    Excellent course with practical examples and insightful interviews from industry professionals. Helped me a lot during my first season in a top flight football club.

  2. Ross Mitchell

    Fantastic course that provides participants with a great opportunity to learn from a range of practitioners, as well as giving them the tools and insight to understand what is required at the top level of football.

  3. Jamie Evans

    This was a really good course. I’m a young aspiring scout and the way all the information was presented helped me to easily learn all the different aspects of breaking down the opposition. All the tasks were great, especially the ones using data as that is a part of the game becoming more important. No other scouting course I’ve taken show you how to do this. Now using the opposition report I created for my final task when applying for jobs and I’ve found a part-time role for a team off the back of this.

  4. Tyler Symanski

    Excellent course. It really helped me to learn more about scouting teams quickly. Took about 15 hours which I did in 3 days. Has my project marked in 24 hours with some feedback from an analyst which I wasn’t expecting.

  5. Mark Burton

    Great course. Easy to progress through with really helpful videos from coaches. The tasks on data analysis were very interesting

  6. Miguel Vidal

    Enjoyed this course. Provided a challenge in recognizing patterns and themes through the use of analyzing video as well as data. I enjoyed seeing the thoughts and comments of others throughout each module as their point of view may have given greater insight into something I may have overlooked. I would recommend this to any coach at any level. I am a grassroots coach and I believe the info will not only help in analyzing film, but also being better at recognizing trends in opposition during a match.

  7. Ben Tomlinson

    Really good. My first time building an opposition report from scratch and this walks you through it step by step. Tasks and videos are cool and at the end of it all you have a full report completed to use as the template for the next one or send to clubs for a job. I’ve never seen any other courses give you data and have you complete tasks profiling players and teams.

  8. Pete Jenkins

    This is the 2nd course ive took from this site now. Both really good. Would def tell others to go for it

  9. Jesus Ortiz

    The course is very good and helped me to become more organized when looking at other teams. The tasks using the data spreadsheets to show how professional teams do this were interesting.

  10. Diego Manea

    Very good course. Worth the money and I’m glad I bought this

  11. Heather Jenkins

    Worth the money for sure. Highly recommend

  12. Harry Traherne

    Just submitted my final report. Really good course that flows well and gives you everything you need to provide a report. Really like how it uses exmaples of other reports from professional clubs to show how they do things.

  13. Emil Kot

    Thanks for all. It was a great course. Easy to progress through. Really helpful videos from coaching staff. The tasks on data analysis were very, very interesting. Highly recommended!

  14. J Cardinale

    Thorough, informative while easily digestible. Worth every penny!

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