What our clients say about us

CoachTech began working with Florida State Women’s Soccer prior to the 2018 college season. Mark Krikorian and his staff enrolled in CoachTech courses alongside consulting with our staff on individual player analysis and feedback. Following this initial consultation, Florida State used CoachTech’s ‘Analyst Finder’ scheme to find an analyst to join their staff. Florida State went on to win the 2018 National Championship. Our consultancy relationship is ongoing.


We came to CoachTech for some help with our individual player profiling heading into the 2018 season, as we felt this was an area we could improve. Ollly (Gage) discussed his ideas at length, and gave us access to the individual player resources from the Evidence-Based Coaching & Match Analysis Course.
Based on what we learned, we re-shaped everything we do to measure individual performances and the information we feedback to our players. We continue to work with Olly through CoachTech on a number of projects.
Mark Krikorian

Head Coach, Florida State Women's Soccer

Oakland University enrolled their Graduate Assistant Coach Thomaz Freitas in CoachTech’s online courses to help him expand his knowledge and add value to the coaching staff.


CoachTech has been instrumental to our program’s overall success here at Oakland University men’s soccer. Our Grad Assistant, Thomaz Freitas, took your class in Summer 2018 and Thomaz has done a fantastic job of clipping each game and providing team, small functional group (defenders/GKs/CMF/Fs), & individual meetings multiple times per week allowing a great immediate feedback loop visually for our players backed by quantitative & qualitative information.

Thomaz also does a great job of scouting upcoming opponents, as well as analyzing potential recruits. In the craziness of the college soccer schedule (games, travel, school, etc) and lack of built-in periodization within the compact college calendar, we have been able to do a lot of “learning and understanding” off our legs, and our guys have took a vested interested in understanding what is being asked of them individually and collectively for our team and themselves to be successful

His work with our program as a GA these past few years will land him an assistant position within our program upon graduation in April.
Eric Pogue

Head Coach, Oakland Men's Soccer

Billy Colton contacted CoachTech in April of 2019, prior to the NPSL summer season kicking off. As the assistant coach for Erie Commodores, he wanted to work on the feedback he was giving to his players, especially in the attacking phase of the game. We helped him to look at theory behind decision making in the attacking third, using data from Major League Soccer, the English Premier League and the USL. Together, we build a system of feedback for his players and began to work with them individually on their cross and shot locations.
Following the success of this, Billy chose to use CoachTech when he was appointed Head Coach of NCAA D2 school, Gannon University. In Billy’s 1st season as Head Coach, Gannon improved on the previous years 10 wins, to win 18/21 games, breaking many school records along the way. Summaries of this work can be found below.

Gannon University

Erie Commodores




Working with CoachTech has been a key factor in our success to date. The ability to use the knowledge and experience of professionals who have worked at the highest level of the game in this country has been invaluable. First and foremost, they helped us to clearly define what we wanted in terms of post-game feedback to our group and from there delivering it week in and week out during the busy college season became much easier.

Oliver came and presented to our player before the season and discussed the types of chances we were going to try and create in attack. He used examples of working with top international players worth millions of dollars, and tied it in with video and data to support his advice. The players were blown away and it’s hard to argue when you see pro’s worth millions doing the same thing you’re asking the college players to do.

The buy-in we got from our group as a result was brilliant and it wasn’t long till players were discussing our attacking targets in the locker room post-game, which is exactly what we wanted.

Billy Colton

Head Coach, Gannon University Men's Soccer