Best Practices & Industry Standards

The use of data in football has come a long way since analysts analysts and teams first began using it. As with any emerging field, there was a process where many important lessons were learned that are now considered to be standard practice. 

In the next module we will begin looking at specific opponents and their tendencies, but before we do that, it’s important to take a look at some of these best practices.

Here’s Sam Gregory, Tom Worville, Oliver Gage & etc. discussing some of the benefits of using data


The modern opposition analyst at a professional club is almost certainly comfortable with a wide range of programs linked to video and statistics. It’s likely an analysis department will use something more complex than Microsoft Excel to perform their day-to-day data analysis.

However to make things easier, the tasks in this course can all be completed in Excel or Numbers.

While it’s important to takeaway how things can be done using data, it’s equally or even more to know why it’s useful and what we can do with the data.


Please download the task below and follow the step by step guide PDF guide. You’ll also want to download the Wyscout data file provided to use for the task.

If you are/were already comfortable with Microsoft Excel, Numbers or use a different data analysis software like R. Python, or Tableau, some of these tasks will likely be below your level, so please skip to task #4 and add the final chart to your workbook, before moving on.

Best Practice Task

Best Practice Task – Premier League 2019/2020 Wyscout Data

For your convenience, a video walk-through of the task has also been provided.

Once you have updated your workbook please move on to the next module.


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