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Small intro with data on set pieces?

Stats Bomb article on efficiency etc.

After successfully navigating past Leeds, Arsenal have drawn away from home against AFC Bournemouth in the F.A. Cup 4th round.

Head Coach Mikel Arteta has called us into his office for a conversation about the upcoming game…

“We’ve drawn Bournemouth in the F.A. Cup. I’ve spoken to a couple of my contacts and got a brief report on them, and I watched the first half of their game at the weekend on TV.

Although they’re struggling in the league this year, it looks like they are a strong set piece side. I expect the game to be tight and a set piece goal could be important.

I need you to get me whatever you can. I need to know just how good they are so we can plan how much training time to dedicate to set pieces this week, and then any information that will help us prepare for them.


Now we know the task at hand, it’s time to call in a few favors from our friends. We’ve called CoachTech who have set us up with a few interviews with data analysts. Here’s what they said about set pieces:

CoachTech also set us up with professional set piece analyst Stuart Reid. He was generous enough to provide us with a report he’d produced for a client in the past.


We also searched the internet for interesting articles about set pieces. Here’s an excellent article on two of Europe’s most forward thinking and innovative clubs: Brentford and FC Midtjlland. CLICK HERE

This is also referenced in these two great pieces on set-pieces by Stats Bomb…

Set Pieces and Market Efficiency
Changing How The World Thinks About Set Pieces

For the first task we’re going to use Stats Perform data to see how strong they are and how much time we should be dedicating to set-pieces this week.

Download the data below, and answer the following questions. We may want to create some visualizations or charts to support our findings, in case we have to show Mikel. If we do, let’s add them to our workbook.

Stats Perform Bournemouth Set Piece Task Data

  • Where do they rank for goals scored from corners in total?
  • On average, how many corners do they need to score one goal?
  • Where does that rank them in the league?
  • Can you think why this might be important to look at as well as total goals from corners?
  • Where do they rank for goals scored from set plays?
  • How many corners on average does it take to score against Bournemouth?
  • Where does that rank them in the league?

Click here to see what we found!

Or you can watch the video tutorial provided here!  >

The great thing about working for Arsenal is our access to all sorts of different data sets! Ted Knutson – founder of Stats Bomb is an Arsenal fan, so he’s given us some of their data too!

Download the data below and answer the following questions:

StatsBomb Data – Set Piece Task


  1. What % of their corners are in-swingers out-swingers or straight?
  2. Do they rank particularly high in either of these?

Click here to see what we found!

Here’s one more clip from CoachTech founder Oliver Gage

A really important part of using data to provide insights is understanding what our data can’t measure. It’s a great way to build trust with coaches – discuss this. Show ProVision and SB IQ? Filter players header win % from corners and dangerous targets on squad view.

In the comments section below, name something that can’t be measured by the data we used. Do you think this makes the data useless or still useful as long as you understand that? How would you prepare discuss that with the Head Coach so he understands?

Read through some of the comments from others on the course before adding this to your workbook too!

Video from Olly talking about picks, routines and tracking data.

Once you’ve updated your workbook please move on to the next module.


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