Team Attacking Play

Great job on the set piece report for the Bournemouth game!

Check out Arsenal goals/chances vs Bournemouth!See if set pieces and data supports we did well.

In the 5th round we played League One Portsmouth who are two divisions below us. I felt like we had that one under control and didn’t need much from you.

We’ve been drawn away against Sheffield United in the Quarter Final. I know your friend Oliver at  CoachTech is a massive Sheff Utd fan, so hopefully you can help us get one over on him!

Everyone’s telling me they’re a really unique and interesting team in attack. Can you work your magic and see what you an find for me?

Here’s what our analyst friends have told us about looking at team’s attacking tenancies:

Here’s the attacking sections from a couple of data reports we managed to get our hands on:



We’re going to use Stats Perform data to see where Sheff Utd ranked in the 2019/20920 season for some attacking metrics. Using their ProVision tool available to professional clubs, we have filtered the data so only open-play actions appear. Essentially, set-pieces do not show up in this data set.

Sheff Utd Attacking Play Task – Stats Perform Data

Can we answer the following questions…

  • How often do they play in the attacking third vs the middle third and where does that rank in the league?
  • How direct are they when they have the ball? (Long balls high but very accurate. Weird?
  • How dangerous are they in general? Where do they rank in the league for strength of attack?
  • How many shots do they take and from how far out? What does that tell us about how they create chances?
  • What % of their shots are first time?
  • When you combine first time shots with information about 1v1’s what does that suggest?

Add a summary of your findings to your workbook and include a couple of visualizations if you want to!

Here’s an explanation of what we just did and why, including a video of some of Sheff Utd’s attacking play.

Here’s what some of Sheffield United’s play looked like when we decided to watch their last two games.

Video of working ball into box etc. to support findings

Next we’re going to use some Wyscout data to see which individual players we might want to focus on. There is a whole section dedicated to individuals later in the course….

In the comments section below please add your thoughts on how this information can be useful for a coach preparing for a game. What follow questions might you want the answers to? Would you share this information with the players?

Once you have updated your workbook please move on to the next module.


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