CoachTech launches PlayerTech – an online resource for players


Built for ambitious players who want to take control of their own development, PlayerTech will help them understand how and why some of the worlds best players are more dangerous than anybody else. PlayerTech’s Position-Specific Programs are an online resource including match and training video highlighting what makes the Premier League’s top players stand out from the rest. Each program also includes coach and player interviews explaining how and why they create more chances and score more goals.



Using now widely accepted data analysis principles on shot locations, PlayerTech will help any player understand where, why and how to position themselves and make better decisions to score more goals. Not limited to goal scoring, each program breaks down key principles of chance creation, meaning players can better understand what type of passes will lead to them creating more assists for their teammates.



The Programs are designed by a number of professional analysts and coaches including CoachTech’s Oliver Gage. Each one includes guidance so players can design more suitable training in their own time and techniques for players to evaluate their own game and set targets to improve. You can read more about this here.

“This has been a passion project of mine for some time now. The programs have been built in the background for around 12 months now, so to finally get them off the ground and available is incredibly exciting.


I’ve been fortunate to work with some fantastic players and learn from some top coaches in my career, and I the insights included in the program are like nothing any player will have seen before. By adopting the principles included in the programs, I have no doubt almost every player can improve very quickly. I’ve had success doing this with quite a few professional players, and I quickly realized this was something everyone could benefit from.The basis of these programs is exactly what I do with professionals when I begin to work with them. 


I’d like to thank the analysts and coaches I worked with on this project for their invaluable input.”

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